The Lisa Plan

Some clients refer to their customized plan to sell their home as their "Lisa Plan", which consists of the following three factors:
(1) Sell home for the most amount of money
(2) in the least time possible
(3) with as little hassle possible!

Here is what a satisfied seller had to say about the "Lisa Plan":
When I needed to sell my home in Bourbonnais, Lisa Sanford was particularly helpful by prompting me to see my home in the eyes of prospective buyers. She explained that most prospective buyers are already busy and maybe even exceptionally busy with current adjustments in jobs and family. A home that is clean, well equipped, reasonably in current fashion and ready for a new owner to move into is a benefit when the home is presented to the public. Through talking with her in advance of listing my home I chose to remove outdated wall paper then paint and replace some kitchen fixtures. In further preparation, at her suggestion we had a professional home inspector complete a certified pre-inspection. That inspection gave me confidence that there would not be problems revealed suddenly should a prepared buyer request a professional inspection. Overall the advance work brought satisfaction - I felt confident about the marketability of the home I was offering and Lisa had it sold within the allotted time at a good price.
- Gerald Reedy, The Villages, FL

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

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Lisa Plan