10 Ways to Save Sellers Time and Money

Save time and money with these ten selling tips!

  1. Price your home at or just 1% below market to bring you a quicker sale with less negotiating.
  2. Paint any areas that are peeling -- before the appraiser notices and before the buyer tries negotiating.
  3. Have furnace and air conditioner checked, service, and cleaned prior to the sale.
  4. Have carpets cleaned for a faster sale.
  5. Declutter -- pack what you can live without.
  6. Box and stack items in storage and garage on a wall in garage.
  7. Change light bulbs to the highest wattage acceptable to fixture.
  8. Turn lights on for all showings -- this will make you more money.
  9. Keep agent informed of any showing lasting over 30 minutes.
  10. Negotiate quickly and remember your first offer is most likely your best offer.